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Raffles The Bosphorus - What is SPA? What to do in SPA?
April 7th 2022

What is SPA? What to do in SPA?

What are the Benefits of SPA

Did you know that apart from being exhilarating, exciting, and fun, travelling is good for your overall wellbeing? A meaningful distraction from our everyday lives, taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the routines is essential for everyone to recharge, rejuvenate and promote lower cortisol levels, making you feel calm and content.

Once you visit Istanbul, one of all times favourite destinations ever, you will enjoy the variety of different vibes, colours, tastes, and sounds that will take your mind off everyday chores and expand your horizons, resulting in ultimate relaxation. Some of the deeply rooted wellness traditions of Turkey, like the world-famous Turkish hammam, are essential to experience to complete the picture and fully comprehend the culture.

The word “hammam”, originates from the Arabic hammam meaning “heating up”. These baths have been serving as health, sanitation and socializing centers for centuries and are still an important part of the daily life in Istanbul. Back in history, Hamams were places to go to have a warm bath and relax as there was no running water in houses as well as socialising venues where people sat together for chats, ate, had tea and mothers were able to meet with young girls to introduce to their sons for possible marriages. The concept of “bridal hammam” stems from this social incident.

To opt for a more refined and contemporarily twisted version, you can visit the Raffles Spa in the heart of the city, located at Zorlu Center. Stemming from the belief that balance between exertion and relaxation is the key to achieving a feeling of inner tranquillity and rejuvenation, Raffles Spa center offers journeys that are a mix of traditional and local methods to ensure a sensory escape for ultimate relaxation.  (In case anyone is asking “what is the SPA, what does is stand for” let us explain that it is the abbreviation of Latin saying “Sanitas per Aqua” meaning, getting health through water.)

At the Raffles Spa, you can enjoy various Hammam journeys like the individual Anatolian Grace Hamam; a traditional treatment with essences of lavender or rose, a couples Hammam to share with your significant other, a traditional scrub as well as Organic Pharmacy Hammam rituals. At this wellness oasis in İstanbul, one may also enjoy Raffles spa journeys, facials, body wraps, and signature treatments as well as mini treatments to give a boost in your busy day.

Other relaxation exercises at any spa of your choice in the city may have a wide range of treatments like a foot massage, body massage, and couples massage to name a few. While it is obvious that choosing a local wellness treatment will give you a better sense of the traditions of the destination you visit while promoting your mental and physical health, you will still benefit from all internationally acclaimed massage and spa treatments you may experience at a massage spa or a spa hotel.

Traveling itself gives the opportunity to step away from the daily grind however a sensual wellness experience will surely assist you to revitalize mentally and physically while also boosting your mood releasing serotonin hormones and allowing you an in-depth understanding of different cultures.