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Raffles The Bosphorus - Where to Have a Wedding? How to Organize a Wedding?

Where to Have a Wedding? How to Organize a Wedding?

What to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue?

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage” says Lao Tzu. What’s better than this great definition of the give and take of love and the will to spend a life together?

Once a couple decides to get married, the details of that most romantic day of your life start to unfold, wedding planning, wedding venues, the dress, the cake!  Though it all may sound rather intimidating, planning is the key to an impeccable wedding day and though most couples choose to work with wedding planners, some prefer to create their own master to-do list and work on a DIY wedding.

Here are some clues to keep in mind before the day you say “yes”:

Decide on your style: Having some sense of what type of wedding you will help you find your way. Think about what kind of theme you want for your wedding day. The venue you choose will be the most important part of this decision; will it be an off-site wedding or an on-site one? Having an “on-site” wedding – like a wedding hall, hotel ballroom, etc. – will ensure you have fewer risks and simplify the process as a range of all-inclusive wedding packages, designated venue, bridal room as well as a professional team will be available to you to assist on the way forward. At Raffles Istanbul, the wedding planning team helps you in finding the best vendors for flowers, decoration, photography, catering, musicians, officiants, and more in case you need assistance.

The venue needs to go hand in hand with your theme; be it the colors you prefer, the concept you design weddings around, etc.

Work on your outfits: Finding the dress is a process on its own! Once you decide on the venue, start looking for the dress; is it an elegant one with long sleeves, lace embroidery, classy or fun? Do not forget there will be fittings, alterations, and that will take some time. The groom will also need to get ready with their attire sometimes ahead. If you have additional celebrations like a brunch or bridal shower, start preparing for those outfits, as well.

Istanbul Touristic Places

İstanbul, home to three empires emerging on the shores of the Bosphorus, the waterway that runs through the city connecting Europe to Asia, is a dynamic, vibrant cosmopolitan city with layers of history, culture, and character to be unfolded by globe trotters. Here are some of the top-rated touristic attractions in town:

Start your Istanbul tour at the Old City district also called Sultanahmet. This is where you can book your Istanbul hotel, visit the Byzantine and Ottoman monuments and shop at the Grand Bazaar; one of the world’s largest bazaars dating back to the 1400s have 22 gates taking you into the fascinating world of shopping with its 4.500 stores where one can find anything from pottery to jewelry, spices to carpets.

Hagia Sophia is another must-see. A highlight spot in the bestseller Dan Brown book Inferno, Hagia Sophia is the epitome of Byzantine architecture dating back to the sixth century. The striking dome, famous mosaics, sacred imagery from Christianity as well as Islamic elements, and the light funneling in from its 40 windows seem to turn Hagia Sophia – meaning Divine Wisdom – into an otherworldly space making the visiting experience almost a transcendental one. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Istanbul a city of underground cisterns as there are a few hundred of them of which Basilica Cistern is the largest. Storing and providing water to many palaces including Topkapı Palace, the Cistern became famous thanks to the Inferno movie as it was one of the filming locations. Basilica Cistern is used for special events today and can be visited during the day.

Topkapi Palace is neigbouring Hagia Sophia on the historic peninsula. Home to Ottoman Sultans for over 400 years, this seraglio is one of the iconic structures that define the İstanbul skyline. Take a ferry between Asia and Europe (Kadıköy-Karaköy line) to see the palace from the sea for best views. Built over 700 thousand square meters, the palace consists of four transitional courtyards and surrounding structures. At the footsteps of the palace is Gülhane Park. Wandering around the park, one can’t help but reflect back on days where Ottoman sultans strolled around to cherish the same greenery, trees and flowers.