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Raffles The Bosphorus - Raffles Spa Beauty Salons

Raffles Spa Beauty Salons

Treat yourself to a well-deserved ‘’Me-Time’’

A place to relax, socialize and get pampered! 

There’s no need to hurry in this timeless space. After your spa treatment we invite you to treat yourself to a pampering session in our magnificent women’s and men’s salons for haircuts and styling, manicures and pedicures, epilation and makeovers.

The Gentlemen’s Salon is a new space within the SPA at Raffles Istanbul, a dedicated zone where men are pampered from head to toe and where they can relax and socialise in the lounge while enjoying a fine cigar, aged whiskey and your favorite snacks. It’s little wonder that this masculine space has quickly become a preferred destination for well-travelled men in Istanbul!

Nourish your body and soul

Raffles Spa, one of the largest in Istanbul, offers a rare selection of refined spaces for the utmost in serenity and wellbeing.

Our separate relaxation areas for men and women are equipped with a variety of hydrotherapy experiences: hamams, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, vitality pools, sensory showers and ice fountains.

To prolong your spa experience, spend privileged moments in our sparkling indoor pool, a shimmering place housed in an incredible atrium with lofty ceilings, natural daylight and suspended glass ornaments reminiscent of floating jellyfish. Or in our incredible outdoor pool on the sixth floor rooftop, with a lively lounge bar and panoramic views of Old Istanbul. For hushed serenity in a luxurious sanctum. For hours of sun-soaked leisure and fun high above the vibrant city. The two swimming pools at Raffles Istanbul are the epitome of pleasure, privilege and splendour.

At Raffles Spa, we nourish you both inside and out. As you relax by the pool or in a lounge, indulge in a curated selection of delectable, nutritionally balanced food and beverages. Retreat to your own personal paradise in this rare space.

Your spa journey begins here

Enter the inner sanctuary that is Raffles Spa, a place that soothes the body and restores the soul. Located on the third level of Raffles Istanbul in Zorlu Center, this contemporary and airy oasis shimmers with soft daylight and the glow of golden lamps. Where skilled therapists pamper your body with expert strokes based on time-honoured techniques from Turkey, Sweden, the Far East or Bali, using a combination of local ingredients and high-performance skincare products – Biologique Recherche and The Organic Pharmacy – from France and the UK.

The spa was tailor-made to indulge all the senses. The aroma of jasmine and bergamot linger in the air.

Each of our nine luxuriously appointed treatment rooms, two of which are couples suites, features its own private garden terrace – the ideal spot to relax with a beverage after your massage.

Experience local traditional treatments in our 3 Turkish Hamams, enjoy the privacy of one of our 2 Couples Suites, or retreat to one of our other luxuriously appointed treatment rooms. With 3000 square metres of spa and wellness facilities, there is plenty of space to indulge.

Whether you’re a local resident or international traveller, visiting solo or with close friends, we warmly invite you to escape, indulge and revitalise. Discover the reasons the World Luxury Spa Awards named Raffles Spa at Raffles Istanbul as Turkey’s Best Unique Experience Spa and Luxury Urban Escape in 2018.


Tibetan singing bowls are instruments that are common fixtures in sound healing practices. These instruments create enchanting sounds that can accompany a variety of rituals and practices. The singing bowls are to offer relaxation and powerful healing properties. Scientific studies show that brain produces beta waves in everyday conscience, alpha waves in state of meditation and delta waves only during sleep. When the singing bowls are recorded to be compared with alpha waves produced by our brain it was seen that the alpha waves produced were the same.

For all three human levels: the physical, mental and spiritual…
• Deep relaxation and muscle regeneration
• Pain relief in the joints, muscles and shoulders
• Pain ease related to sciatica
• Easing asthma related issues
• Improvement of the digestive system, headaches, migraine or spine injuries
• Improvement of circulation
• Release tensions or blockages
• Open energy flow
• Eliminate toxins
• Stabilize blood pressure
• Renew the functioning of the adrenal gland
• Open and stabilize the meridians to improve the synaptic responses as
low self-esteem, worries, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, insomnia


Sacred and unique, the hamam has been an integral part of local culture since the early days of the Ottoman Empire. This marble bath was for ritualistic ablutions, but it soon became a favourite place for socialising and business transactions – and for mothers to find potential brides for their sons! Today, the hamam remains a beloved spa tradition in many parts of the Islamic world.

Raffles Spa offers three separate hamams  – one for women, one for men and the special Katre Lounge for bridal parties, celebrations and other special occasions. This exclusive hamam experience begins by gathering in a private suite, where everyone enjoys delectable meze and beverages. From there, a few guests at a time pass through an anteroom before entering the communal hot area for a foamy wash, body scrub and all-over massage while lying on gently heated marble.

The Turkish hamam confers holistic benefits, cleansing and purifying the whole body while restoring the mind. If you have never experienced one, our spa staff would be more than happy to give you more information and introduce you to this ancient ritual.

The many advantages of a SPA membership at Raffles Istanbul

With 3,000 square meters of meticulous and luxurious spaces, the wellness center at Raffles Istanbul is one of the largest of its kind in the city. We invite local residents to experience the advantages of belonging to a spa and health club like no other in Istanbul.

As a day guest, you can enjoy all that Raffles Spa has to offer. For even more benefits and savings, become one of our valued members. Choose the one that suits you best among our 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month memberships.

12-month memberships come with the following benefits:

  • One complimentary 90 minutes massage of your choice
  • One complimentary 45 minute Aegean Purity Hamam treatment
  • 50% discount on one daily entrance fee for friends and immediate family members
  • 30% discount on all Spa treatments
  • 30% discount on all personal training classes (can’t be used with other promotions or
    PT packages)
  • 20% discount on Raffles Istanbul Restaurants and Bars
  • Complimentary garment laundry service for up to four fitness garments per day
  • Complimentary BMI Assessment

Isn’t it time you discovered greater balance, better health, and holistic wellness? Become a Raffles Spa member today.

A complete workout at Raffles Istanbul

At Raffles Istanbul, we understand the importance of regular exercise and self-care. These aren’t always easy to maintain, especially for those who travel widely and frequently. That’s why we have created Raffles Fitness.

This superb space has several zones for all-body wellness. The bright and airy Fitness Studio features state-of-the-art Technogym® machines for strength and cardio training. As you run on a treadmill, your view is of the grassy outdoor exercise area and the rooftops of Istanbul. The mirror-lined Studio Room is stocked with Pilates machines, balance balls, free weights and other exercise equipment, as well as a wall-mounted resistance bands station.

Raffles Fitness offers several private or group sessions – yoga and Pilates classes in the studio or garden, and Aqua Gym in our heated indoor pool. To take your wellness routine to the next level, work with one of our personal trainers for professional feedback and a customised fitness regimen. Our experts offer health assessments, nutritional advice and lifestyle coaching.

Maximize the benefits of exercise with heat therapy. Detox in the dry heat of a sauna or the wet heat of a steam room. Or enjoy a restorative soak in a Jacuzzi or vitality pool. Raffles Spa offers a wide selection of hydrotherapy spaces for divine relaxation – after your workout or anytme.

All the facilities at Raffles Fitness are open to day visitors, members and guests staying at Raffles Istanbul. Come and discover whole-body wellbeing in this exclusive space.